Red, Sexy and Sparkling

Leave it to the Aussies to illuminate our Independence Day by putting the red in our red, white and blue. The Chook sparkling Shiraz is one of my favorite party favors to pull from the cellar.

Blood-red exuberance ignites in a thunderous fit of juicy baby bubbles and a spicy, cran-raspberry nose. Writhing flavors of red currant and blackberry bounce in your mouth and penetrate your senses. Adult-supervision is not necessarily required, but it may be something to consider with this vixen of a wine.

While perfect for an afternoon picnic and lovely at dusk, this wine shines bright pretty much any time of day. Mimosa move over, served at its coldest, The Chook throws sexy curves of brightness and power with a rocketing, crimson-velvet mouthfeel. Medium-lightly vivacious, I’d serve it alongside Quiche Lorraine, cold seafood or something of the poultry sort – chicken, duck or turkey.

Whether you’re celebrating the independence of our country, or a personal independence of your own, this high-spirited sparkler will linger long after the last Roman candle burns.

Republished from Wine Country Minute.  Check out the Sparkling Wine Guide to the 4th of July.



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