Licking the Rim (of the glass)

Let’s just say a lot’s happened in the last few months, but the ‘glass half full’ is how I roll, even when I find myself clamoring to lick the rim of the glass for the final dramatic dribbles.

Dark   –&–    Star is a good place for a comeback. Kana Winery 2005 Dark Star, Columbia Valley is a Rhone Blend – Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre – Mourvedre being my favorite grape du jour.  Swollen with wafting brown sugar and coffee, this wine has that lovely juniper pepper spice that only Mourvedre can deliver.  Smooth tannins burst into red fruit fullness — raspberry, pomegranate and cranberry.  Side by side, the 2006 Dark Star has an even more sexed-up Syrah-ness exploding with darkness – black plum, blackberry and black pepper.  Tannins are sturdy and the finish is long – just the way we like it.

P.S.  Check out the label.  We discussed the merits of whether the image bears resemblance to an orifice of sort.  Admittedly, I thought it, but didn’t say it until the tasting room chicks brought it up. Feel free to weigh in.  Cheers!

Photo: Kana Winery


3 responses to “Licking the Rim (of the glass)

  1. Thanks to both of you! Cheers!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful bottle. Keep licking the rim of your wine glass. *wink*

  3. great website. Thanks..mmmm, ya, I agree …something about where the sun don’t shine DID occur to me..difficult for growing grapes that, no?
    will be back!

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