Almost Famous and Naked

Been told I look a little like Penny Lane, so I might as well go with it and bask in my Snooth-generated Almost Famous-ness.  In response to all the emails soliciting a personal invitation to my Liquid Nudist Camp (you know who you are) I’m raising a glass!    And now would be the suitable time, for those inclined, to get naked!  

Naked Winery and Orgasmic Wine Co. in Hood River, OR, walks the ledge of possibly overpromising and under-delivering. Here I sit, not just poised for the promise of foreplay, but also the pledge of penetration (but that’s their Cabernet).  So much could go south so quickly – which, in thinking about it, could be truly beneficial.  I’m painfully intrigued and pleasantly surprised. Naked Winery’s 2007 Foreplay Chardonnay is elegant in its hollow whiteness, squeezed with fresh drops of lime and lemon, wrapped in a rage of flinty walnut. Its silky oak smoothness resembles something firm and French (and I don’t mean cheese), with the essence of banana and coconut.  Poked with a hot pink umbrella, the finish is slight, but we are just talking Foreplay.  Makes for a lovely and impressive start to an assured-to-completion evening.

Photo:  Naked Winery & Orgasmic Wine Company



One response to “Almost Famous and Naked

  1. Teri – Truly classic column…..your accolades are much-deserved! ” An Urban Sip” is a truly unique voice in the wine conversation literature!


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