A Toast To Men’s Interests

Sometimes I read Psychology Today blogs, and I find the more I drink, the more interesting they become. A few days ago one of the blogs talked about the ‘Tiger Woods Syndrome’ and advised “if a man wants to have a healthy relationship he should start by developing his own interests.”  I’m not sure developing his own interests was Tiger’s problem, and thinking further, he seemed to reap some serious “in his own interests” rewards.

I like Tiger, I still like Tiger. And I like playing golf up until the 12th hole. So, as a tribute to men who are “developing” their own interests, I’m raising a glass of Twelve, 2005 Pinot Noir 144 from Oregon.  This is a bottle of boldness with a liquid bravado.  It’s kinda sexy and a little debauched, and of course, that’s further complicated or inspired by the person you’re drinking with. I’m diggin’ how it untangles a red licorice-ness around earthy raspberry, blackberry and cherry. Dark velvet, lush and licentious. Now go! Whilst I love me some Tiger!


Photo: WinePeeps


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