Wine and Sex at the In-Laws

Traveling to family this holiday season?  Well sex at the parents, not to mention at the in-laws, is…let’s say…awkward (and for some a probable no-no). So for all the romanticism of holiday music, your white Christmas may feel a little frosty. I say deck the halls in Red, Red, Red and take the road less traveled.  Assuredly, it will make all the difference. Nelms Road, 2008, Merlot, Washington State, leads you straight to the nearest hotel. If only for an hour, this wine is a dalliance from family appropriateness. It tempts your tastebuds in a mouthwatering tryst of deep, sweet black current and pepper. Vanilla, blackberry and dark, ripe raspberry meander through a rage of round and supple tannins full and cascading to a fine and warranted finish.  Plan accordingly.

Photo: Woodward Canyon

Posted by Teri Citterman


2 responses to “Wine and Sex at the In-Laws

  1. You too Don!!!!

  2. Another gem of advice from one of my favorite writers 🙂 Merry Christmas!!

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