It’s Not Me, It’s YOU Wine

“It’s not you, it’s me” really means IT’S YOU.  Make no mistake, break ups are hard even when they’re necessary.  In its Italian-ified Pinot Noir way Wilridge, 2007, Nebbiolo does not mince words. It’s pretty and light, and packs a powerful tannic punch. You might feel used, maybe abused if you’re lucky.  And I’ll hedge my bet there were parts of you that liked it a little more than a lot. This wine springs solid mid-tongue tannins that hit right where you hoped they would. Juicy and difficult, baby it – then beat it silly! Screaming bright cherry and pomegranate, its finish releases into a long rope of black licorice.  Steel fist in a velvet glove, they say.  Oh, I believe them.

Photo: Wilridge Winery

Posted by Teri Citterman


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