Stay in the Closet with an Unoffensive Wine

While reading my braincandy blogs on Psychology Today, I came across a post recommending NOT coming out to your parents — if they often ‘say things that are anti-gay or homophobic or have threatened to hurt you if they ever found out you are gay.’ While I’m not speaking from experience, this seems like reasonable advice. If it were me, and my parents were skinheads, I’d pop a pour of a 2007, Basel Cellars, Columbia Valley, Claret.  It’s unoffensive and a good place to start a rational discussion. Dark and drippy with black fruit and rooty rhubarb.  It’s steely for dad, yet woody for mom with a bit of greenish sweet tart on the finish. I’d have an extra bottle sitting next to me in the event the conversation calls for a weapon.

Photo: Basel Cellars

Posted by Teri Citterman


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