White Warm Wine and Bill Clinton

Last week I was in Arkansas and I didn’t see Bill C. This week I was in Atlanta and Bill C. met me for lunch (he was the key note, so a few hundred others joined us.)  Kinda odd, but even odder –  I packed my schoolgirl costume just in case (c’mon, I was an intern in the 90s).

Oddest of all, however, I was dining in Wynne, Arkansas – 70ish miles from the Memphis airport — at the local country club (that’s another story)  and there on the wine list (by list I mean 1 white, 1 red) was Washington wine.  In Arkansas! I was pretty impressed and immediately ordered a glass of Snoqualmie Riesling.  A generous pour arrived in a huge goblet — white…and warm. Tempting to toss in a few ice cubes (97 degrees out), but I couldn’t do it, so I just drank the white half.  Cheers!

Photo: Snoqualmie.com

Posted by Teri Citterman


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