What’s Wiener’s Wife Drinking?

A wiener, by definition, is a tube of mystery meat.  And why someone as classy as Huma Abedin would choose to marry one is beyond me. (But marriage is a funny thing.) Huma is a rockstar.  Beautiful, smart and working for Hilary.  Sidenote: I’m dying to know how Hilary weighed in on this trainwreck.

Yes, I know she’s pregnant, but if ever there was a time to invoke the virtues of the 50s Housewife Pregnancy Manual on How to Cope  – drinking, smoking and popping Valium, is the call here.  And, for once, can we reserve judgment?  Can we? For a beverage suggestion, I recommend a wine that’s effectively restrained.  Corvidae, 2008, Columbia Valley Syrah has the force of brute strength, yet is subtle and elegant.  It’s intelligently divine, yet down to earth – grounded in  brooding raspberry and cherry confidence.  Its powerfully  controlled finish leaves you wanting more… and more…and more.  But let’s be clear.  It does not pair well with wieners.

Photo Cellartracker.com

Posted by Teri Citterman


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