Get Off Your Ass and Drink!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege (using that term loosely) of seeing Colin Powell, Dan Rather, Bill Cosby, Guiliani and Laura Bush speak at the “Get Motivated” speaker’s series. I actually wanted to see them.  What I didn’t know, was under the guise of “leadership”, this was the RNC meets RV Park – a patriotic pep assembly on crack. People wore American flag sweatshirts. ‘Nuf said.

Let’s just say, these speakers serve as a front – drawing herds to Key Arenas across the country.  Then, like cattle, for a few hours at a time, the audience is subjected to fearful admonishments, infomercial-style, of what hell you will go to if you’re not financially secure.  Buy this!  Sign up today! Only $49.99!

I felt violated, though I realize, I am not a victim. Yes, I could have left. But I wanted to see Bill Cosby.

After such a disturbing experience, one has no choice, but to drink.  Something with a loud snarl, big enough to erase the Republican grime of the day’s events.  I call to the podium 2009, Charles & Charles red blend – part Cab Sauv, part Syrah.  Like a strong dose of lithiuim, this wine has deft precision to cut away the stain, leaving smooth tannins that slithery slather down your throat. A combination of chewy berry, dark cherry and plum, lusciousness envelopes your tongue lulling you into a luscious hypnotic state, the right blend for such an anguishing day.  A roaring finish awakes you back to reality, leaving your tongue tapped and your ears ringing.  Did I like it? I loved it.  “A much gutsier syrah that takes far more control of the agenda, and we’re psyched about that.” Now, give the lady back her fanny pack.


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