Straight Men Take Note! And Wines of the Loire Valley

In Nantes, I fell in love with two gorgeous men, their beautiful palatial flat and their charming French Bulldog named Esco. Did I mention one was a chef?  And the other – oh just a hot doctor, the kind you fantasize about.

Should I go on? A taste through the wines of the spectacularly diverse Loire Valley, and I’ll come back to that.  A drive through the tiny towns to see the imposing castles. The boys packed a gourmet picnic beyond my wildest dreams, and many of you know I dream wildly.  Let’s just say a tomato, goat cheese tart with a crust that melted in your mouth, an eggplant, garlicky mixy thing that made the already astounding baguette that much better, and did I mention the chocolate butter? (aka chocolate mouse. Amazing).

But the best part (aside from the wine, and food, and company)?  When it came time to visit the public bathroom, the boys didn’t miss a beat, tossing a roll of T.P. to us as we journeyed away.  I’m not one to state the obvious, but do you think they were gay? I’ve yet to meet a straight man who would think to pack it, let alone suggest you take it BEFORE reaching the restroom. Straight Men! Take note!  A girl appreciates that kind of thoughtfulness!

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Now on to the wines…..

Soléne Franquet heads Vins De Loire, and took us through a tasting of magnificent juice. Red, white, dry, sweet and sparkling…my appetite for Loire Valley wines can now only be only described as insatiable.  Good thing there’s not shortage.

From Muscadet Sévre et Maine:

Pierre-Yves Perthuis, 2010 Cuvée Prestige erupts in grapefruit and slate.  Light white floral blends with slight lemon lime effervescence.  The wine finishes smoothly into an array of green flowers.

La Tour Du Ferre, 2008, Margherita offers soft peach, pineapple and tropical fruit with an approachable cinnamon finish.

Domaine Poiron Dabin, 2004 Hatue Résolution, Grande Réserve ha peach and white pepper, and a hint of Channel Mademoiselle. There’s a lot going on in this glass – lemon, candied fruit and sautéed zucchini. When it’s slithering down your throat, you’ll understand what I mean.

A bit about the Loire:

  • France’s leading producer of white wines
  • France’s leading AOC region for fine sparkling wines
  • France’s 3rd largest region in terms of production, with 4,000,000 hectolitres, including 3,000,000 hl of quality wines PSR
  • France’s 4th largest vineyard in terms of surface area 70,000 hectares, including 52,000 ha of quality wines PSR, spread over 13 departments
  • 63 Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée, 400 million bottles

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One response to “Straight Men Take Note! And Wines of the Loire Valley

  1. George Portland

    I love your ‘turn of phrase’.
    and this stratght guy will take note…

    Hello from Chicago. On the road in the home of big steks, big italtian wines, and l-o-n-g trade shows. Feet up in the hotel, nightcap in hand, and loving your post…


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