Moron Friends, Doorknob Husbands and Thorny Rose Wine

Rolling on in my fantasy of wanting to be a advice columnist…

Dear Teri: I have a 19-month-old and a 34-month-old. Our family was invited to the childless home of our friends, and when we arrived, I scurried around childproofing. I moved their expensive items up out of reach, but my friends insisted on putting everything back. When an expensive piece of art was dropped, they were peeved. I felt I did my best in policing the children but still feel I should offer to pay the insurance deductible. My husband says to let it go because they asked for it.

Wow, where do I start? First, unless your kid just popped out of your womb or you’re describing wine in barrel, there’s no legitimate reason to use months as a measure of age. Your kids are 1 and almost 3. Only really annoying people force a listener to do the math. Second, if you hit my house like a tornado, I’d be miffed. And lastly, a babysitter would have been cheaper than the deductible, and yes you should pay it. (Your husband is a doorknob.) Now, should I tell you what I imageswould drink if I had annoying friends like you? Or should I tell you the best bottle to give as a gift if you want to save what’s left of this friendship. Turns out they’re one in the same: Thorny Rose 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley, is dark and dense (oh, you can relate?) with blackberry and cherry rolled into dirty bits of dark chocolate. It’s straightforward and uncomplicated — with a ‘leave your kids at home’ finish. Trust me, you’ll make the right decision next time — if there is a next time.


2 responses to “Moron Friends, Doorknob Husbands and Thorny Rose Wine

  1. Love it…although slightly terrified its about us…

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