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Confrontation & Cabernet…You Decide

When you shoot the guy, who was going to shoot the guy, you’re dying to see dead, all bets are off. Metaphorically speaking, I mean. Confrontation can be a barrel of fun or a pain in the bunghole – just depends whether your glass is half full or half empty. Pause; pour some more. Barons V, 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon imagesis rich and elegant, tangled up in black cherry and black currant, which wrestles gracefully with straps of smoke and leather. This dark red juice knows the rules and the ones it needs to break to get where it’s going; the first rule of Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

Seriously, who doesn’t know that!

Posted by Teri Citterman


Tasting All of Washington

So the German and I set out Sunday to forge for interesting edibles and discover new wines at Taste Washington, the grand poo-bah of the state’s tasting events. Housed at Quest Field, 225+ Washington wineries poured 900 wines while 60 restaurants tossed tantalizing samples to whet or wipe out your palette.

As you can imagine 900 offers the likely opportunity to taste some diamonds and taste some rough. And we certainly found both. Our strategy was to taste only the best of the three to six bottles offered by each. We visited our standard favorites: Quilceda Creek, Long Shadows, DeLille Cellars, Thurston Wolfe, Syzygy, Betz Family Winery, Fidelitas and Dunham Cellars; then on to newer or less familiar wineries. The roughs shall remain nameless, but here are a few of the diamonds we found:

Barons V 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley $60
Brian Carter Cellars 2006 Tuttorosso Super Tuscan Style, Yakima Valley $30
Camaraderie Cellars 2006 Tempranillo, Columbia Valley $27.50
Cascade Cliffs Winery 2007 Barbera, Columbia Valley $25
Domaine Pouillon 2006 Cuvée en Amont, Horse Heaven Hills $24
Elegante Cellars 2006 Merlot, Walla Walla $28; and for a sweet summer treat, 2006, Klicker Strawberry Acres, Strawberry wine.
Eleven Winery 2005 Syrah, Horse Heaven Hills $24
Gorman Winery 2007 “The Big Sissy” Chardonnay, Columbia Valley $35
Jones of Washington 2008 Riesling, Columbia Valley $14; 2006 Syrah, Wahluke Slope $19 (yummy)
Lodmell Cellars 2005 Merlot, Columbia Valley $43
OS Winery 2008 Riesling, Horse Heaven Hills $20
Palouse Winery 2007 Viognier, Columbia Valley $22; 2007 Riesling, Columbia Valley $18 (the German was lovin’ this wine)
Powers Winery 2006 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Horse Heaven Hills $30

Photo: Courtesy of Jones of Washington