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A Favorite Indulgence – Rough Justice

Barrister Winery’s Rough Justice truly is the stage kitten of wine. Breathing gently with black plum boa and dark lace – purring and pleading to be subdued imagesby a swirl of graham cracker pie crust. Rich and jammy, this wine does a little more than suggest you pay attention with shocks of blackberry filling, pasties a-twirling, silky tannins and a drawn-out finish to make any onlooker pretty damn eager to indulge.

One of my favorites…


Posted by Teri Citterman


Rough Justice – If You’re Lucky

Nothing says wake the f**k up like three of Seattle’s finest at my door with assault rifles. That was 4:20am this morning (yes, I get the irony.) A neighbor believed he heard gunshots fired in my condo and called the boys in.  It’s not an unlikely scenario, but no shots were fired from my flat (this time.)  Nonetheless, cops with big guns are either jarring or pleasant — or jarringly pleasant if you’re lucky.  Christmas is comin’ early and Barrister Winery’s “Rough Justice” delivers the gifts. This wine breathes with a hard nose and structured stamina.  Black plum and black lace beg to be subdued, while graham cracker pie crust swirls through shocks of blackberry pie filling.  Rich and jammy, this wine does a little more than suggest you pay attention.  Silky tannins and a drawn out finish make me pretty damn eager to cooperate. Where are your handcuffs now, Mr. Officer?

PS Looking for a stellar burlesque name? Rough Justice is a pretty great one.  Just sayin’

Photo: Cellar Tracker

Posted by Teri Citterman