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A Favorite Indulgence – Rough Justice

Barrister Winery’s Rough Justice truly is the stage kitten of wine. Breathing gently with black plum boa and dark lace – purring and pleading to be subdued imagesby a swirl of graham cracker pie crust. Rich and jammy, this wine does a little more than suggest you pay attention with shocks of blackberry filling, pasties a-twirling, silky tannins and a drawn-out finish to make any onlooker pretty damn eager to indulge.

One of my favorites…


Posted by Teri Citterman


WHACK ’a Mole with a Wine Bottle

The captain’s turned on the seat belt sign. Translated: walk your ass back to your seat and sit your ass down and stay there!  No, don’t pop back up 30 seconds later to try to get to the bathroom.  WHACK!  The seat belt sign’s still on dumbass!  WHACK!

God, put me out of my misery with a glass, no a bottle –   (the better to whack with). Brand, 2008, Columbia Valley is mean, and I mean that in a good way.  Steeped in very cherry berry, unripe rigidity and cranberry roastiness, this wine is easy.  Smooth, with an awestruck finish, it doesn’t mince words, does not waste time and directs the next dumbass to the nearest exit.  Thin the herd. WHACK!

Picture: Cellartracker.com

Posted by Teri Citterman