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No Party Crashers at Slanted House

If you have the chutzpah to crash a White House party, admittedly, you’ve got balls!  Big ones!  But, here’s the deal… It takes more than that to bust in at Slanted House.  No faking, not a chance.  Slanted House, 2006, Syrah, Moreseco Vineyard in Napa is all about the tongue behind closed doors. A solid punch of acid slaps down mid-center, while choco-cherry and blackberry ripples around the edges.  Solid fruit is buried under that acid, and who knows what else you’ll find buried a few layers down. If you stay with it…dig deeper – jammy and juiciness eventually is revealed with solid tannins in a suck-harder, coffee-caramel fuzziness wrapped up in a simple, clean finish.  Slanted House, 2007, Syrah Drystack Vineyard is dark and vibrant with velvet inkiness. Soft black plum, cherry and blackberry revels in its nudity across your palette.  Good stuff here with black coffee deepness, bold tannins and a generous finish.  All I’m saying is if I’m the party planner and you’re not on the list…don’t bother.



Photo: Slanted House Wines






A Virile Eruption – ’97 Robert Mondavi

Let me embroider my name on your back. No, I mean with your shirt off.  A magnum of Robert Mondavi Winery, 1997 Cabernet 8656Sauvignon throbs with ribbed sexiness, black current and rich licorice.  Pure brawn and smokiness shows imposing tannins and poised acid. It erupts in a polished blend of spice, plum and charcoal as it suspends its peppery, violet finish  – a trick, which only comes with age, and yet, it’s as virile as a young buck at a Playboy shoot.  A bigger bottle is better – more to taste….  Enjoy!  I certainly did.


Who Stepped on the Cat?

Rosemont Estate, 1996 Show Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra — yes, an Australian Cabernet Sabottle_show_res_cab_sauv_imugivnon, not a Syrah, not a blend – it’s the real juicy deal.  This wine is big — hits hard and takes names.  A true beauty in her day, who matured into large complexity, though misses some of its jazzy vivaciousness.  Mint and hard acid, red currant with a spark of coffee.  More smooth than curvy, more course but not uneven. If this wine were a dog it would step on the cat’s tail.  Just because it can.  And it did.  Its feet are bigger.

Wine + Ista

Please tell me what the obsession is with adding -ista to convey some level of expertise?  Fashionista…Frugalista…but this one is a doozy…..Colonista.  She claims she’s searching for the best colon cleanse.  images-3

Move on boys and girls — nothing to see here.

Thankfully, wine + ista looks stupid together.


Pinot Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

P1000729You got a lady and you want her gone?  But you ain’t got the guts.  She keeps naggin at you night ‘n’ day, enough to drive you nutsMatthews Estate, 2005, Lachini Vineyards, Pinot Noir is THAT back door man.  At first, it pretends to be a Syrah (minus the peppery jolt).  It’s big and bold and funky and juicy. Willing to do the dirty deeds …done dirt cheap.  In a silent but deadly essence, it misses that Pinot gasiness, and shifts into a clever sheep in Cab’s clothing.  The nose explodes, rocks you under the table and sucks you absolutely dry.  You know it —  it’s over  — it owns you.  Round and robust and stealth – this wine IS exactly NOT what it appears.  Blackberry morphs into a complex strawberry and lets out a big, bold sigh: Ooo, neckties, Contracts, High voltage… This is going someplace I’ve never been before.  Yaaaaagh!


Nothing cheap about this baby…  Matthews Estate, 2005 Lachini Vineyards, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, $60 (Sold Out)