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As Complex As a Sno-Cone And Delightful

Hold the bells and whistles, Lucien Albrecht, Cremant D’ Alsace Brut Rosé, NV is great bang for the buck!   A simply structured sparkler and a dry thirst quencher, this wine bursts with bits of wild strawberry, some green apple and a touch of lemon drop.  It’s as complex as a sno-cone, but on a scorching hot day, it’s pretty perfect.  All you really want is something cold, crisp and liquid.  Bingo! This wine is all that and a pinch more. Made from100% Pinot Noir (and you know how much I love pinot), flavors are fresh, bubbles are bubbly; what more do you need?   Perfect for that impromptu BBQ, where the music’s blarin’ and your neighbors hate you.  Oh yaaaah! I see you baby, shakin’ that glass, shakin’ that glass. 

I drank it at: On our Deck 

Retails: $15 

Thumbs up? Why not?  For the price, stock up!


Ooh, this could be good

From Andy Perdue, Wine Press Northwest Editor 
Monday, July. 28, 2008
Citterman is a gifted writer and observer of humanity. 
The way her mind works is equal parts 

Yeah, this should be fun.

Ursa, Ursa, Ursa!!!

Like Ms. Marsha, Baer Winery, Columbia Valley, 2005 Ursa is smooth and even, long legs, great body, a bottle of feminine suppleness.  That is, until you piss her off. Like Marsha, this babe can be cunning and aggressive, which makes me love her even more.  Steal her diary and she’ll press charges. Greg, Peter, Jan – beware, this pretty-one is on the warpath and her claws are extended. Ursa is full of dark fruit – African violet, ripe plum and raspberry, the aroma on this chic hits you straight between the eyes.  “Oooh my nose! Now I’ll never be a teen model.”  It’s a groovy wine to say the least, with woody spice and cassis on silky tannins. No mistakin’ – this wine makes your mouth feel fine.  An odd rapport with mid-sis Jan, turns out both were a little bicurious.  Oh, if only those pinker then pink walls could talk. “Jan, I’m so happy for you.” “Really Ursa?”  “No.” 

I drank it at: The Local Vine, Seattle

Retails: $37

Good gift? Yes, for someone I like a lot

Honey, Where’s Your Pinot?

I’ve got a ball cock in one hand and a lift rod strap in the other. Sounds like someone’s in good hands, right?

Plumbing projects? Not so much. But as we’re getting our house ready to sell (I know, great timing) and are remodeling a bathroom, so a plumbing assistant, I have become. On the occasion I get a beverage break, let me set the strap down (but I’m holding tight to the b-cock) and pick up a portly glass of Willamette Valley Vineyards, 2006 Pinot Noir. 

I happen to be a big fan of pinot and saying to my husband “Honey?  Where’s your pinot” especially when he’s laying face up under the sink wrenching on some pipe. I chuckle, he doesn’t.   Anyway, this wine is bright and juicy. The strawberry is upright and the peppery, pomegranate blends completely with the tartness in the acid.  Cinnamon spice and wet wood comes through on the finish, and I am lovin’ this wine as much as I’m lovin’ twirling this O-ring on my finger. Does an O-ring really twirl?  You bet it does, like a tassel in a burlesque show. Cheers!


Sophisticate Meets the Village Bicycle

Last weekend was a girl’s trip to San Francisco.  We shopped for lingerie, saw the Chihuly exhibit at the De Young (highly, highly recommend) and of course shared fabulous food and wine.  With dinner at Bacar we tried two wonderful beauties, each bringing a unique take to the evening.

A. Rafanelli, Dry Creek, 2006 Zinfandel, is sophisticated. It wears clear, dark super berry lip gloss and throws a little pepper your way.  A sultry bombshell, this is one of those big striking beauties — – striking, not because it’s gorgeous to look at, but because it’s conspicuously tall.  This wine’s got legs and knows how to use them!  Thus, when it strides into a room, people take heed, and then dive into her lovely length.

Next, our server presented a bottle of Kutch, Russian River, 2006 Pinot Noir.  Pronounced KOOCH, said our server with pursed lips and a straight face. Four sets of eyes stared back in disbelief.

Really? As in, kooch? If it’s for sale, I’m not buyin’, but if kooch is it, then kooch it does. This wine leans over in a death-defying plunge, peeks up, then commands you to walk this way.  And you follow.  A hiked up skirt exposes spicey cherry elegance with soft candied peppercorns – smooth and juicy —  a red light special, indeed. ‘She’s evil, she’s brilliant,’ she is the village bicycle and she’s delish! Simply, what else would you expect from Kutch Winery?


Traveling to Croatia? Drink Beer

This was a bottle we brought back from the island of Korcula in Croatia a few trips ago.  Travel tip for Croatia?  Drink beer.  It’s cheaper then water – which doesn’t say much because water isn’t cheap.  Nothing is.  TORETA Stolno Crno Vino (red table wine) was by far, the best bottle we found for the price, and on a sunny day here in Seattle, we opened it up.  And it wasn’t that happy to see us.  Arms wide open, it was not. In fact, it’s aloofness was palpable in that “What the f@%k do you want?” way.  Concentrated, yes – conviviality, not much.  The wine was staid and slightly suspicious.  I think it had PTSD from the war.  It took it’s time getting to know you, sizing you up and down and turning you inside out.  Eye contact, never.  Yet, it unfolded carefully, one gooseberry at a time – and on ITS time.  But once it did, it showed a little spice – a little rooftop tar, some puckeriNESS.  Its fruit was muted, but its will was strong.   Worth the price of admission, but no freebies along the way.

Sex And the City – Strike Three

The Movie?  One word: Disappointment.  For one who’s flattered when referred to as “Teri Bradshaw” (the hair, the writing, the love of NY), it was a sad day. I’ll spare the analysis, as my sentiments fall in line with the NY Times review.  

The primer was dinner at Black Bottle, a favorite spot, where I ordered a glass of MacMurray Ranch Sonoma Coast 2006 Pinot Noir.  It tasted like…a pinot, really (and, understand, I do LOVE pinot) – full of cherry and covering all the berries:  Rasp, Blue and Black with sturdy tannins, blah blah blah.   And though, it was far better then the film, in the end, it was… but another pinot.  Strike Two (but just kinda).

Turning to the conversation…. we were discussing the Father of the Bride toast, that my friend’s dad was going to deliver at her sister’s wedding in a few weeks.  It went something like – “Joanna is like a potato in a field.  And once you pick up one, there are many more intertwined together and we must support all those potatoes…” Any questions?  Strike Three.